Adrenaline starts at 2:15 minutes.
Small Spider-Man in the sky at the worst rides of the world which is installed on the street and not in the amusement park. This ride is not for the faint of heart, allowed to climb into the sky only to those children who have growth above 140 centimeters. Small Spider-Man is not afraid of heights and speed of this terrible rides, he sat down in it and literally soared into the sky. Want to learn how little Spider-Man flying in the sky like lightning? then quickly sit down and turn on our video for a very strong child, Little Spider-Man took all the sensations of flight at the GoPro Hero camera 4 in Black he got the coolest videos for children ever filmed on camera. If you are afraid of heights after viewing our video about Little Spider-Man in the sky you exactly once not ride a similar attraction. By the way this is not a permanent attraction, he regularly moves from one European city to another in the same city this attraction stops for only one month. This time we rented attraction in the Belgian city of Kortrijk.

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