Super heroes are shooting not only weapons but also a super Super Heroes Shoot conventional balls. And in order to show the children the next series about how Super Heroes Shoot balls we went to a street carnival which was held in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, in addition to firing the balls at that carnival was a lot of variety of entertainment for both children and adults. All accustomed that super heroes have super abilities and also shoot from the fantastic weapons, but today our Super Heroes Shoot balls at the usual Carnival and after Super Heroes shoot balls they ride on a very cool car, or rather Mini Hulk ride on cars for kids. Machines are electrical and drive them to be truly fantastic. Children If you have not been to the Carnival and is not riding on the electric typewriter Mini Heroes strongly recommend van to go to the carnival and ride the electric car. This video is for children to get a very colorful and interesting, with Mini Heroes you will not get bored. Well, you guys ready to see how the Super Heroes Shoot balls? Then let’s go!

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