We swim and play along with the Mini heroes not just in what a water park and the largest and coolest water park in Belgium. From the beginning to the end of the video we children with Mini Heroes swim and play in the warm and very beautiful water, all this is under the huge roof, so it is open year-round water park. Due to the fact that this is the most famous water park not only in Belgium but also in Europe there is always a lot of tourists, but that does not stop us, and we bathe and play as if we are alone here. Like this water park you’ve ever seen, with the heart of the water park is a huge tower, rising on which you can go down at great speed. Mini Super Heroes show you how cool we bathe and play about it and we have removed this is the best video for kids about the Water Park which you saw on the Internet. Let the children put on their life jackets for swimming, will now be played to swim and dive in the water and get enormous pleasure from it!

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