Numberjacks Counting to 20


Numberjacks Counting to 20

Activities with the Numberjacks that help children learn to count and recognise numerals.


Five different number ranges for the counting activities, starting with 1-5 and finishing with 10-20, allow the app to match a child’s development.


Children love to copy and count along, so the main activities each have a level where the numbers are spoken as items are counted, helping children become familiar with the number names and their order.


As children hear the numbers they also see the matching number of items, helping them make the link between the number name and the quantity.


The activities also have a level where the numbers are not spoken as the items are counted, making them more challenging as children have to do the counting on their own.


Tracing the Numberjacks and numbers gives children practice at forming numerals correctly.


The app is based on the award-winning educational television series shown on CBeebies and around the world.

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