Quick Math Jr.


Quick Math Jr.

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*Children’s Tech Review Parents’ Choice Award*

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Loved by teachers… and kids! Quick Math Jr. is an award winning app that covers the essential foundations of mathematics, including counting, addition and subtraction, place value, writing numbers and much more!


“…excellent for teaching kids about number sense.” – Graphite by Common Sense Media


Perfect for children aged 3 – 7, Quick Math Jr learns as kids play and adjusts the difficulty of the questions to make sure each individual player is always at a level that is just right for them! From the creators of the award-winning Quick Math series, Quick Math Jr. is a fun way to develop mathematics skills and confidence.



• Twelve games aligned with international maths curriculums, including US Common Core and the Australian National Curriculum

• Adaptive difficulty to quickly place each player at their appropriate level

• Write answers directly on-screen! Progress from multiple-choice to handwritten answers.

• Create your own monster characters by winning new features, then see your creations appear in the game!

• Unlimited player profiles for easy device sharing

• View your child’s report card and see their progress through the app or on your Apple Watch



• Develop number sense

• Name numbers

• Practice number sequence up to 100

• Connect number names, numerals and quantities up to 30, including zero

• Model numbers up to 20

• Subitize small collections of objects in dice patterns, ten-frames and random patterns

• Conceptually subitize larger collections of objects in two or more dice patterns or ten frames

• Start counting from numbers other than one

• Count on and back

• Skip count by twos, threes, fives and tens

• Count and skip-count forwards and backwards

• Practice place value by composing numbers to 99 using tens and ones

• Create equality using balance

• Add to and subtract from a hidden total to practice mental arithmetic and counting on and back

• Solve simple addition and subtraction questions up to 20

• Practice writing numerals

• Continue two, three and four-part patterns

• Fill in missing elements in two, three and four part patterns

• Practise number bonds within twenty

• Practise greater than and less than on a number line

• Solve addition and subtraction story problems within 10

• Practise counting and arithmetic using both continuous and discrete quantities

• Locate hidden numbers on a number line

• Estimate the position of numbers on a number line

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